Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ring of Awesomeness!

Hey guys, If you follow me on twitter you would have seen me tweet about loving this ring I found on Etsy.

It is so unsually mostly due to the face that it is made out of a spoon, Yes a spoon.

You can find these on Etsy here and The maker of these awesome rings is Dank Artisty

It fits perfectly and everyone who has seen it so far has admired it.

I ordered it on a Friday and it was in Ireland from the States on Wednesday.
Super fast. 


  1. I HAVE to order one RIGHT NOW! That is the coolest yet feminine ring ever! And the fact that it is made from a spoon is just even more awesome!

  2. I know right I love it, Put a comment saying that you saw it on the blog I wonder if he will say something. lol, I love mine haven't taken it off since I got it.

  3. I got my ring!!! I ordered one with orange blossom pattern and it is amazing! Such a clever idea, and such a pretty ring!

  4. oh put up a picture!!!! I love them.