Saturday, July 30, 2011

Missguided Polish in Misstique and Ciate Lipgloss in St. Barts

Some recent magazine freebees..........

This polish is gorgeous its very opaque and creamy.

This gloss is a nice colour but is a bit sticky and I don't like that.

Friday, July 29, 2011

NOTD Happy

This one isn't very good, had a few issues with this stamp.

Product Used:
OPI Sparrow me the Drama on all nails except ring finger
OPI Steady as she rose on ring finger
Eyeko Punk Polish on all nails except ring finger
Eyeko Lilac Polish on ring finger
Barry M Top Coat

Don't worry.......Be Happy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recent mascara purchases

I have a problem with mascara, I love how it looks when you apply it but hate the panda eyes you get regardless of whether you have taken your makeup off or not.

So I like trying new Mascaras

This one from the body shop I haven't tried yet but it smells odd.

Body Shop Super Volume Mascara

This one I have tried and so far I like it. It is gentler then some mascaras on my lashes. Lasts a while without flaking. I hate when it turns to that sticky consistancy and clumps your lashes together for instance if you are anything like me you rub your eyes a lot this happens quite frequently.

Bourgois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl

Here are the brushes upclose from left to right Body shop, Bourgois.

What's you fav mascara?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lazy Cat

This is how I found the rascal the other day, He had somehow managed to sneak upstairs and luxuriate himself on my bed and on my side!! The least he could have done was have his snooze on Si's side.

This is his "I was stretching and fell asleep pose"

and for a change here is some more pics on him, destroying my freshly put on the bed duvet cover with his snow white fur.

                                   Why you wake me?                                           Paws
I will not wake up fully                           What's that over there?
aaaaaaaaaaaand I'm back asleep!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Nail Polish Collection

Hey Guys,
So as a nail polish addict, I thought I'd show you my nail polish collection.

I'll start with the full size OPI Polishes.
Ink, Lucerne-tly look Marvelous, Over the Taupe, Lincoln Park at Midnight, Cuckoo for this Colour
It's a Girl, Blue My Mind, Meet me at Star Ferry, Ink Suede, Not really a Waitress
Skull & Glossbones, Sparrow me the Drama, Stranger Tides,
Steady as she Rose, Mermaids Tears, Planks a lot.

Now the mini OPI Polishes

Hong Kong Collection
Suzi says feng shui, Dim Sum Plum, Red my Fortune Cookie

Burlesque Collection
Take the Stage, The show must go on, Ali's big break, Rising Star

Couture Collection
Obsecurity, Sanguine, Unripened (iT came with Nevermore too but I used it.)

Summer Flutter Collection
Flower to Flower, Catch me in your Net, Flit a Bit, Wing it,
Lites to Darks Collection
Sweetheart, Princess Rule, Lincoln Park After Dark (also came with Meet me on Star Ferry which I used and purchased a full size of)

Some Random Nail Care Products
Clarins Hand Cream (Smells Amazing)
Barry M Base/Top Coat
OPI Top Coat
OPI Drip Dry
Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter (Love this stuff)

Eyeko Polishes
(They all have polish after the name i'm just gonna type the first part.)

Petite, Nude, Chi Chi, Tea Rose, Lilac, Rain, Vintage

Coral, Saucy, Punk, Posh, Indigo, Cosmetic, Vampira

Collection 2000 Polishes

Bongo Beat, Parma Voilets, Show Off

Some Random Polishes

Barry M Dusky Mauve, No7 Totally Teal, 17 Forever, Nails Inc Fashion Fawn

Nyx Polishes

My Sunshine, Between Purple and Mauve, Algae

The Taupe and Bella

NYC Polishes

Park Ave, Cafe Latte, Battery Park Purple

I still buy polishes even though I have loads.

I will do a post of my favourites soon.

What is your collection like?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NOTD St Patricks Day

More Nail Stampery.......

Products Used:
OPI Stranger Tides on all nails except index finger
OPI Mermaid Tears on index finger
OPI Cuckoo for this Colour stamped on all nails except index finger
OPI Over the Taupe stamped on index finger
Barry M Top Coat

Thank you

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my followers, I never thought I would get any, So I am so happy.
I started this blog as a way to vent all my thoughts on makeup that way I wasn't boring the brain out of my boyfriend. It worked!

I've come across some awesome blogs and have met( well not met but you understand what I mean) so lovely people.

I've discovered that blog sales are an awesome way of trying out new items without having to pay full whack.I am actually having one myself at the moment. It has it's own page, feel free to check it out. I am also totally open to swaps.

Again thanks guys, It means a lot.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ELF Mineral Shadows

Here are some are mineral shadows I got in my most recent elf haul

                                           Temptress                                             Confident

                                             Beachy                                               Enchanted

From Left to Right on Bare Skin
Temptress, Confident, Beachy, Enchanted

From Left to Right over Lemon Aid Primer
Temptress, Confident, Beachy, Enchanted

These are €3.50 or £3.00 and as you can see are crazy pigmented. The colour is stronger over a primer and they last way longer.

The packaging as you can see is a clear plastic jar with a matte black plastic lid, these also have sifter which is so handy.

They have loads of colours in these the next time there is a mineral discount code I think i'm gonna get loads more of these.

What colours do you have?