Monday, July 11, 2011


Hey guys,

I am apologizing in advance for my blog posts, videos, Facebook and Twitter messages over the next 6-8 weeks. They will be kinda sporadic, I will try and post on the blog a few times a week and keep up on twitter but I'm sure how well I will do.

My boyfriend and I recently got the go ahead to move into his grandmothers house. He is extremely excited by this as he has always loved that house and I have to say after seeing it a few times I am too.

However there are some serious renovations to be done before we can move in .

We have to replace the Kitchen extension roof, Plaster the kitchen walls and put a kitchen in.

Everywhere is fine just you know take down wallpaper and paint, Take up carpet and put down flooring, re do the bathroom etc. Most of which we will do when we are moved in but the kitchen is the main thing.

To feel like we were doing something in the meantime we went up yesterday and he started take the wallpaper down in the hall and I started in the Bathroom, I ripped the tiles off the wall and I sanded down half of it. I have to take the wallpaper of the top half of the wall and then I am just going to paint it white for a few months until we are settled in then I will think about revamping the whole thing.

My hands are aching from the sanding yesterday, every little muscle in my hand is screaming Why? :D

We have some many plans for the house we just have to keep reigned in lol. I wanna do it all now, but of course funds are an issue.

I see many trips to Ikea and Argos in the foreseeable future.

I will be sad to move out of my moms house as well I've been with her my whole life but I am excited to have a place to call my own and have my own things and after four and a half years it will be nice for me and Si to have a place of our own. Even if I do have to squash some of his plans for decorating!!! How do you explain to a big kid the Manchester United Wallpaper as cool as it might be is not appropriate for a grown up bedroom.

Sorry this post was so long, If you guys stayed to read until the end, Thank you so much for reading my rambles. I appreciate it.

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