Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costume

Well guys, I thought I would show you my gross halloween outfit and makeup,

I decided not to follow all the sheep and do stereotypical short dress outfits such as nurse and so on, and let me tell you the event we went to was full of them.

I went a more scary traditional route with a pit stop at gross.

So here it is......My costume..... I was a cheesy horror movie victim.

10 hours later........

All the latex was a nightmare to come off but so worth it. 

I hope y'all had a good halloween.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winner of the 100 Followers Giveaway.

Hey Guys,

First of all I am super sorry, I am only posting the winner now.

Things have been hectic.

Topped of with me having an awful dose last week.

Without further adieu

The Winner is.......

Girl With Skew Earring.....

Monday, October 24, 2011

New non beauty blog.......

Hey Guys,

I have set up a new blog for random ramblings..... Sometimes it's good to rant and discuss odd deserts and sandwich fillings.

There is also a topic page feel free to add a topic for discussion, It would be interesting to see other peoples point of view on random things,

Feel free to wander over and follow but please do not feel that you have too.

Here is the linky ->

Yup LittleMouse Ramblings.

Some people call  me weird, others odd, I call myself quirky!

I look forward to some random conversations about Life, The Universe and Everything!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Right Eye Smokey Eye with Tarte Primer

Left Eye Smokey Eye with UDPP

8 Hours Later......

Right Eye Smokey Eye with Tarte Primer

Left Eye Smokey Eye with UDPP

As you can see there is very little wear in 8 hours.

I think the UDPP Faired a little better but only just.

I prefer the consistancy of the Tarte Primer.

Price: Tarte: $20.00   UD:$19.00
Size: Tarte: 3.5 mL/ 0.11 Fl. Oz   UD: 11ml e 0.37 US fl oz

I prefer the consistancy of the  Tarte one but the price to size ratio of the UD one I think clinches it.

I Hope this was helpful.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Operation Etsy Review Repost- Hot Mama minerals

I recently posted about Hot Mama Minerals and how awesome they are. 

I discovered however that they have moved and changed their name. 

You can now find them as Mineral Magic Cosmetics on their own website.

Here are the swatches from my order.

They came in this little organza bag, In these little baggies with yellow dots with their names one them, There is a good amount of product in these which surprised me.

10gms jars are $10 each which is good, Sample packs are $7.75 and you can choose from blush, bronzer, concealer, color corrector, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, glow or veil!  

I'm not sure about the cost of shipping now.

Bare                                                     Primer
Hot Mama - pink
Sterling - Silver
Twilight - Green
Black Orchid - Dark purply awesomeness

Black Orchid - Is this not just awesome.

Bare                                           Primer
Dragonfly - Greeny Gold
Lets Go- Purple
Zombie - Orange

Bare          Primer
Truffle - Brown
Blue Sapphire- Blue
Mercy - Reddish brown 

How awesome is this shimmer it is pinky, bluey. So pretty.

Lets Go, Hot Mama and Black Orchid = gorgeous as liner. Wet they are amazing.

So Glad I got These. So worth a look.

Disclaimer: I bought these myself and I'm glad I did, This is my honest opinion.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Layout and Etsy Store Page.

Hey Guys,

So as you can see I have changed my blog layout, not sure if I like it but I'll leave it for a bit.

I have added a page on my blog for my etsy store.

I have a 10% Discount code for those who buy throught the blog. Just enter THEOPIJUNKIE at the checkout.

Below are the listings for earring collections in my Etsy Store Just click on the link underneath each picture to be brought to the listing.

The Baby Flower Collection

         Baby Shamrock            Baby Milk Thistle                   Baby Viola                 Baby Cherry Blossom

The Supernatural Collection

      Dragon                                Fairy                                Lupine                                Vampir

The Galaxy Collection

                               Andromeda                         Milky Way                       Red Dwarf

The Disco Divas Collection 

       Sexy Mama                       Jealous Mama                    Hot Mama                         Cool Mama

The Hawaii Collection

            Maui                                 Waikiki                               Oahu                             Honolulu

The Flower Collection

Milk Thistle                              Viola

Shamrock                       Cherry Blossom

The Seven Deadly Sins Collection

           Wrath                                 Lust                                 Gluttony                               Envy

                                   Avarice                             Sloth                                 Vanity

The Movie Collection

                                             Green Lantern €11.00            Pink Panther €9.00