Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Operation Etsy Company Review Eight: Country Heart

So this Operation Etsy was quite a big one.

The company is Country Hearts.
I emailed them asking if I could by a pack of all different samples and they were happy to oblige.
My items came to $14.45 and shipping was $9.60

So first the details
You can find there Etsy store here

Full size soaps and Complexion soaps are €4.75 each 
Shave bars are €4.50 each 
Solid Perfumes €3.75 each
Lip Balms €3.00 each
Milk Bath sample €3.00 as you can see it is quite big.
Full size body lotion 4oz €9.50 each
Wax tarts €4.75 for 4 regular size or 40 mini hearts.

They have lots of scents to choose from.

So here is what I got.

Sample of the body cream - This is a nice thick body cream, Great for dry areas such as knees and elbows.

Milk Bath in Desert Sage - This smells amazing! Haven't been able to try it yet as I have moved and I have no bath at the moment only a shower.

Shave Soap in Lemon Frosting - Smells like cheesecake and leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards,
I got both legs and underarms done twice with the sample size.

Complexion Soap in Tea tree and Lavender - I use this in the shower to wash my face, I've use it in about 10 - 12 showers so far and I have about half left.

Soap samples in  vetyver, sweetgrass and sleepy hollow - Sleepy Hollow smells amazing! These look so cute in the soap bowl in my bathroom.

Sample wax tarts in Pikaki and Dragons Blood - These smell so good, strong but I like that when I light a candle.

Lip balm samples in Raspberry and Fresh Lime - These are moisturising and super handy in these cute little tubs. Fresh Lime YUM!

Perfume samples in Pinemint and Blossoms and Amber Romance.

I definitely recommend these as they last ages on your skin and these scents are amazing.

A little goes a long way on these.

Overall, I love everything I got from Country Hearts.

And when I have money again :( I will be on for more!

I recommend highly the complexion and shave soaps.

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