Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guest Post: The OPI Junkie: FOTD

This is a guest post I did a few weeks ago and I thought your like to see it.

Hey guys,

So here I am again The OPI Junkie sneaking on to Jenn's blog, Sneaky like a Mouse,

Here is a FOTD I did recently using some Indie Companies.

Products will be listed below.

So Here is a full face, excuse the blotchyness my camera hates me.

Open Eye

Closed Eye (Glitter everywhere)

Oh My God there is glitter all over my face, You can so tell I wasn't wearing Foundation :O

Anywho on to the products:

Inglot Matte Shadow in 378

Urban Decay Primer Potion (All over lid up to the browbone)
Evil Shades Spectrum Pot in Padawan (inner half of the eye up to the crease)
Evil Shades Primer in Noir (outer half of the eye up just above the crease)
Rock a Betty Shadow in Frost (Inner Corner, Inner third of lid and inner half of lower lashline)
Shiro Cosmetics Shadow in Magneton (outer third to just above the crease, in the crease and outer two thirds of the lower lashline)
My Pretty Zombie shadow in Coffin Critter (Outer V and Along lashline on top)
Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes Mascara
Tarte Aqualiner in Black

ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon
Tarte Aqualiner As lip liner
Shiro Magneton mixed with the Balm.

So there you have it.

What so you think?

Also I have to attach one more pic, Look at my tail, How cool does it look?

Ok I'm Done. x

Wednesday, March 28, 2012



That is all!

Giveaway coming soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Collection on Little Mouse Ears.

Hey guys, 

Just thought I would Show you guys the new collection that is now live on my Website.

Palettes are €12.00 each (Pan size 21mm x 24mm)
Polishes are €4.00 each (5ml bottles)

You can find them here

So on to the pretties......








Let me know what you guys think?
Use THEOPIJUNKIE in the paypal note field for 15% off everything.


Hi Guys,

You may or may not have noticed my general absence from the internets for the last week or so here is why,

Last Wednesday evening I got stricken with what can only be described as the cold from HELL.

I have pretty much spent the entire weekend in bed.

I am back into work today but I am by no means better, just can afford anymore time off, especially since I ordered my Tablet PC recently (can't wait to play with it whooop)

So apart from being stuck in bed, unable to taste anything (seriously everything just tastes like its texture) I have been watch Netflix pretty much the entire time. In Plain Sight to be more exact, I find myself hooked!!

I did muster up the strength to do swatches of some Morgana, Darling Girl, Gosh, Essie and More Geek Chic so keep and eye out for them soon.

I do hope to get some posts done this week but alas it may be next week.

I would like to thank all my followers for following me all this time as it is just over 1 year since I started blogging.

Which of course means giveaway soon.

Anywho thanks for being you guys and stay sparkly.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Post: The OPI Junkie: Day to Night Look

Hey guys,

Here is a day to night look tutorial in pictures,

Hope you like it.

Bare Eye

Use a primer to keep your shadow on all day

Use a champagne colour all over the lid, inner half of lower lashline and inner corner

Add a muted brown or taupe colour in the crease and outer v
(The one I used was only a two shades darker than the champagne colour)

Choose a slightly darker brown or burgondy for the outer v do deeper the colour a little

Add your fav Eyeliner and Mascara

Your Fav nude lipstick

et voila! Work appropriate.

Now to change it to a night look in 3 Steps.

Step 1: Add liquid liner and wing it out.

Step 2: add a red lipstick

Step 3: Let your Hair down

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crazy Look Just 'cos

Eyeko Graffiti Liners
Barry m Black Liner and Geek Chic Blood Wine

Saturday, March 17, 2012

NTMS Disney Challenge

So I did this look for a Disney Challenge.
I picked Pascal from Tangled because well he is AWESOME! If you haven't seen Tangled you should check it out.

Products Used:
Performance Color Pot Carribeen
Eyeko Graffiti Liner Black
Venomous Cosmetics Irish Country Side
Fyrinne Dragon Magic
Detrivore Liver Mortis
Tarte Light Camera Lashes

Spotlight Saturday - Scott Porter

Name: Scott Porter
Height:6 feet
Date of Birth: 14/07/1979
From: Nebraska
Show(s): Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife, Hart of Dixie
Most recent character: George Tucker(Hart of Dixie
Type:Lovable guy next door types, (cept in The good wife, he was a bit of a dick in that one lol)
Personal Hot-o-meter: I give him a 7/10

Nice to look at, great with his characters, I liked him in Hart of Dixie, then I watched Friday night lights and he is fantastic in that. Plays a quarterback who gets paralyzed from the waist down.

Ready for some pics....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Post: The OPI Junkie: Favourite Nail polishes of 2011

Another of my guest posts from a while back. 

It's me again, Your friendly neighbourhood Sneaky Mouse,

Just Helping out with a blog post for Jenn

These are some of my favourite Nail polishes from 2011

Excuse the awful blurry pic, This is OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI's Plants Alot, Mermaid Tears, Not really a waitress and Lincoln Park after Dark
Last two for stamping.

Eyeko Chi Chi Polish, unfortunately Eyeko have stopped doing polish which is sad!

OPI's Not really a Waitress

OPI's Meet me at Star Ferry

Wet n Wild Buffy the Voilet Slayer and Sinful Colours Frenzy(ring finger)

OPI's Wocka Wocka similar to not really a waitress

OPI's Big Apple Red, Alpine Snow, Lincoln Park after Dark and You don't know Jacques.
Barry M Red Glitter
Little Mouse Ears Stun Polish

And this is how I store 'em, Yep they are biscuit tins.

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updated Blog Sale

Blog sale updated, Just click on the link ->More things added!!