Monday, March 05, 2012

Guest Post: The OPI Junkie: NOTD

Hey guys, this is a guest post I did for Jenn over at a while back I thought I'd share.

My name is Sarah and I have the blog The OPI Junkie, As Jenn is having some Computer Gremlins, I thought I'd offer some posts to help, Here is the first, a short and sweet NOTD Post.

So here they are, actually I'd like to mention I burnt my fingers a few weeks back and they are still healing so that is why they are all red around the cuticles.

The polish is Secnav from my new collection "The Navy Collection" two guesses what its based on. lol
These are €3.25 each for 5ml which is approx $4.30
They are available on the site here

I hope you enjoyed my post.


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