Saturday, March 03, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Alex O'Loughlin

Name: Alex O'Loughlin
Height: 6'
Date of Birth: Aug 24th 1976
From: Austrailia
Show(s): Moonlight, Hawaii Five O
Movie(s): The Backup Plan
Most recent character: Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five o)
Type:Hot and Broody
Personal Hot-o-meter: 9/10

Love love love him, He is so hot, Him playing Mc Garrett is awesome I love how he winds up his partner Danny on the show.

If I write more about what I like it will just be one long post so onwards to the pictures.

Disclaimer: There are more pics here than usual because I couldn't stop.


  1. Swoon! I love him a bit older, a bit more worn and rough and ready looking! Nice one Lady!

  2. totally, he is sooooo yummy

  3. OMG!!! He is so beautiful & HOT ohh, i love him, too. ♥