Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hi Guys,

You may or may not have noticed my general absence from the internets for the last week or so here is why,

Last Wednesday evening I got stricken with what can only be described as the cold from HELL.

I have pretty much spent the entire weekend in bed.

I am back into work today but I am by no means better, just can afford anymore time off, especially since I ordered my Tablet PC recently (can't wait to play with it whooop)

So apart from being stuck in bed, unable to taste anything (seriously everything just tastes like its texture) I have been watch Netflix pretty much the entire time. In Plain Sight to be more exact, I find myself hooked!!

I did muster up the strength to do swatches of some Morgana, Darling Girl, Gosh, Essie and More Geek Chic so keep and eye out for them soon.

I do hope to get some posts done this week but alas it may be next week.

I would like to thank all my followers for following me all this time as it is just over 1 year since I started blogging.

Which of course means giveaway soon.

Anywho thanks for being you guys and stay sparkly.


  1. Hope you get well soon sweetie. :)

  2. So sorry you are still feeling crummy! Hope you gets better soon!

  3. Thanks guys, I can't wait to be better so I can do more posts my camera is full of pics.