Sunday, March 11, 2012

Indie Review - 13 Gypsies

I got these a while back and they got lost in my photo folder
These are by 13 Gypsies Perfumery
it was a little over €9.00 for 3 drams of fragrance
and the soap was on special so not sure of the price.

I love the fragrances, they are strong so if you don't like strong smells these might not be for you.

The soap however was not my style and I made the mistake of opening this in the car while I was waiting on my mom, the smell of Patchuli was so strong I nearly couldn't breathe lol

If it is a smell you like then this is definately for you.

I gave this soap to my friend Jenn and her husband loves it.


  1. The soap is very cute! But I'm not a patchli fan, so the fragrance would work for me :( I'll have to check out13 Gypsies shop!

  2. Yes, Hubs loved the soap, but it was a bit much for me, lol.