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Hey ladies,

So back story, My mom just got engaged and will be moving to the US in a few months, which means gathering up items of sentimentality and shipping to the states.

As we live in Ireland it has quite a ways to travel.

We also will have to go through the house and de clutter like crazy women lol
So I decided to help with some of the costs of freight and de-clutterization I would sell some things, I will add to the list when I find other treasures along the way.

Boring Details:
All books have the standard wear and tear from reading, spine creasing etc unless otherwise stated. Some have names on them and others may have inscriptions. You can ask me anything in relation to them and I will let you know, There is just to many of them to list individually.

Many of these books have travelled through family members so they too could get lost in the stories!

Some due to the young cousin from hell have one or two bite marks on them, Vampire books, he thought it was funny, I have sterilised and dryed these ones on their return to me but just so you know. 14 year olds think they are so funny.

I hide his psp if it's any consolation, he couldn't find it for like a week!

Because I am lazy I am going to list all the books in Dollars as I think most of you ladies are American.
and I will have them all at the same price unless otherwise stated. So they are $7 each

If you are in the UK or Europe Let me know and I will give you the prices in pounds or euro.

Prices include shipping worldwide.

Email me @ if you have any queries or want any of these books.

Wow pat yourselves on the back it you read all my ramblings, If your wanna help me out here are the books.

Laurell K Hamilton Books:
The Laughing Corpse
Circus of the Damned
The Killing Dance
Bloody Bones
Burnt Offerings
Cerulean Sins
The Lunatic Cafe
Narcissus in Chains $8
Incubus Dreams $9 these three are big books (heavier)
Obsidian Butterfly $8

Patricia Briggs Books:
Blood Bound
Moon Called
Iron Kissed
Bone Crossed

Stephen King Books:
The Dark Tower 1: The Gunslinger $6

Charlaine Harris Books:
Living Dead in Dallas - Pending
Club Dead- Pending
From Dead to Worse- Pending
All Together Dead- Pending
Definately Dead- Pending
Dead to the World- Pending
Dead as a Doornail- Pending
Real Murders
Shakespheres Landlord
Grave Sight

Rachel Vincent Books:

Jeaniene Frost Books:
Halfway to the Grave

Kate Morton Books:
The House at Riverton $5

Danielle Steel Books:
Silent Honour $5

James Patterson Books:
Toys $9

Deirdre Purcell Books:
A Place of Stones - $4 Black marker on the edge of pages on this for some reason?

Vicki Petterson Books:
The Taste of Night

Richelle Mead Books:
Thorn Queen

Kelley Armstrong Books:

Karen Chance Books:
Claimed by Shadow

Cassandra Clare Books:
City of Bones

K.A. Applegate Books:
Search for Senna
Land of Loss
Enter the Enchanted
Realm of the Reaper
Discover the Destroye
Fear the Fantastic

Nicholas Evans Books:
The Loop
The Smoke Jumper
The Divide

Stephanie Meyers Books
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
The Host

Conn Iggulden Books:
The Gates of Rome 
The Death of Kings 
The Field of Swords 
The Gods of War 

Pat Hyne Books:
Dawn Flight
Land of Deep Shadow

Darren Shan Books:
Vampire Rites
Vampire Wars

David Eddings Books:
Guardians of the West 
Demon Lord of Karanda 
    Sorceress of Darshiva 
    The Seeress of Kell 
      Domes of Fire 
      The Shining Ones 
      The Hidden City 
        The Elder Gods 
        Polgara the Sorceress

        Robert Jordan Books:
        The Eye of the World
        The Great Hunt
        The Dragon Reborn
        The Shadow Rising
        The Fires of Heaven
        Lord of Chaos
        A Crown of Swords
        The Path of Daggers

        More coming soon.......

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