Monday, October 03, 2011

Avon Matte Polishes-Swatches

I picked up these polishes a little while ago.

I like matte polishes but I only have the one. OPI's Obsecurity

So I thought I'd pick up a couple more.

Grey Cement


I love Voiletta,

But I am not fond of grey cement, it makes my nails look dirty.
These were 4 for €15.00 off my Avon Representative I'm not sure who much they are now.

I would recommend Voiletta, it is a lovely purple.


  1. i've never used matte polishes. they intrigue me but i'm just not sure of them! having said that the purple looks lovely!

  2. I have found that some matte polishes can be a bit evil. I have some by OPI that I love. THen I have Zoya Mitzi which is just horrible. After getting it I haven't considered another matte for fear they will be that bad, lol. But Violetta would make me reconsider that decision.

  3. I have violetta too! I love to wear it, I do find that if you don't have a top coat on it chips madly! So I use it under a holo nail varnish and it looks so pretty!

  4. I really like violetta, looks really good. I think cement would have been nice if it was just a few shades lighter.

  5. I think Matte polishes are prone to chipping, I love love love obsecurity by OPI a gorgeous matte black. Yeah Cement is yucky, I'll never wear it.