Friday, October 07, 2011

Sleek and Urban Decay Haul thanks Beauty Emporium

So I wondered onto the Beauty Emporium the other day and decided to treat myself to some more Sleek.

I also got an Urban Decay Cream Shadow.

I got the Foundation tester kit, A blush and a Pout Paint.

Ready for an explosion of Pictures? Ok Here goes.

Although dark I love the colour of this blush,
It blends really easily.
I think this was €6.00

Bare Face


As you can probably tell Latte and Bamboo are definately out,
Shell is probably closest although I could probably get away with Sand and Calico.

This Kit was €4.00

I got the colour Milkshake, as you can probably tell it doesn't suit me,
However the consistancy is nice, it smells good and is really creamy on.

Will defo try another colour.

I think this was €5.70

Urban Decay Cream Shadow

Without Flash                                                With Flash
This colour is Rehab.
This was €6.85 
I love the colour.

I also got this little sample.
It is a cheek and lip stain.

Have you tried any of these?


  1. Wow that's a lot of nice stuff. I will have to look into those Sleek blushes. I have the pout paint in Minx really lovely but does not suit me too well after I changed my hair colour. I also really want to try that "nude/naked" palette from Sleek.

  2. I have the Storm palette and I like it for dark smoky looks. Love the blush but it is too dark for me.