Friday, April 08, 2011

Boots Botanics Hair Dye and Bathroom Nightmare.....

Hey Guys,

I decided that I was going to dye my hair tonight. I had quite a bit of re growth and it was pretty dry and ratty at the ends. I have panels of blonde in my otherwise dark hair  so I had to be fancy and dye these too.

Out came the tin foil, Tin foil cut.......ouch!

Mixed up the blonde dye and sectioned of the parts of hair I wanted dyed blonde, Now the first time I did this I found it easy and did not need to enlist any help to complete the dyed hair mission. This time it was like my brain could not remember how I originally did it, So I go in search of my mother.

"Please kindly hold this tin foil against my head while I add hair dye"

10 minutes later I am ready for step two......

I'm standing in front of my bathroom mirror with some lumps of tin foil in my hair like a crazy person and I have to put the next colour in between it. I got a medium reddish brown or at least to the box it was a medium one. Boot botanics semi permanent hair colour in deepest mulberry.

Shake up the bottle, HORROR! It is an extremely dark purple colour in the bottle, I decide to trudge on regardless, I figure my hair is a state so anything is better than it is.

So I proceed to put the colour on when yes the brain shuts down again........MOM!

Mom kindly helps put in the rest of the Blackcurranty paste into my hair.

Now I have put loads of dyes into my hair before so I can only assume that work is to blame for my lack of function this evening!

20 minutes later time to remove the dye, I will spare you the details of this process and just say it took ages for the water running off my hair to go from black to weak ribena, lol. also the ammonia from the blonde dye decided to run into my eye and take up residence. It still stings!

The conditioner in the pack is actually quite good and thank fully once I had blow dried my hair it wasn't as scary as I had imagined, A nice medium purpley brown.

Having said that I did pebble dash the bathroom with purple spots that seem to have dyed everything, whoops! Sorry Mom.

All in all, I think I will get this dye and this colour again, My hair doesn't feel damaged at all after it, It seems to be moisturising which is never a bad thing.

Thanks for stopping by......

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