Monday, April 18, 2011

A Review, Gosh Intense Lip Colour in 303

Hey guys, Thought I'd do a quick review on this baby,

You'll have to excuse the pictures I took them with my htc and the light above my desk just makes pictures awful.

This lip gloss is so cool because of many things but here are the top reasons.

It has a mirror on the side
There is a good amount of product in the tube
It has a light in the cap
The colour is quite opaque
It is super creamy doesn't feel anything like most glosses
Price is reasonable €11.99

Verdict: This was actually my friends that I tried, So I am definitely going to purchase it. The colour is just lovely.


  1. I have been looking at this product in the nude colour. Is there any scent/smell to it? Does ot last longer than a gloss?

  2. It smells really nice and I have only tried it once it lasted ok, Although I have a tinted lip balm of theirs which I highly recommend, I love it wear it most days it is the tinted lip balm in soft touch, I'm thinking of doing a review on my favourite lip balms but I haven't decided yet.

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  3. do it do it do it! I love lip balm but always have a hard time finding good ones.

  4. Will do, I'll try and get it up before the weekend. Good Friday coming up, We have a tradition ever year that takes up most of the weekend.