Friday, April 29, 2011

My Stila Shadows

Hey Guys,

These are my Stila shadows, These are amazing,
The colour is super pigmented and they stay on really well especially with a primer.

I have 4 mattes
and 5 shimmers

 Samjama a matte grey, I will this one was a little more pigmented.
Makula a matte dark brown.
Batura a matte aubergine purple
Nanda Devi a matte chocolate brown, this is one of my favorite browns
Cloud a light grey/silver shimmer
Viola a light heather/purple shimmer
Jezebel a orangey/rust shimmer
Barefoot Contessa a bronze shimmer, I really love this one.
Pigelle a dark burgundy shimmer

These are amazing, I got 4 of these for £11.99 ex postage here
They are in pan form only but I have mine in a Uni Palette and just a note on the pan sizes, They are massive between a Mac shadow and a Mac blush. It's crazy.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the look of Barefoot Contessa =]

  2. It is such a lovely rich dark colour, Viola is another fav of mine. The pans on these are also massive. I ment to say that in the post, I'm gonna edit that in now.

  3. These swatches look great ^^

    Xoxo Christine