Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Review. Eyeko's Nail Polishes.

Hey Guys,

I thought I would do a review on my Eyeko polishes. I really like these polishes! I love how the bottles are tall and narrow so the brush goes right to the bottom. The colours are pretty opaque!

On to the pictures.......

Tea Rose Polish For Country Nails

Nude Polish For Perfect Nails

Coral Polish For Resort Nails

Vintage Polish For Elegant Nails

Vampira Polish For Gothic Nails

Indigo Polish For Sultry Nails

Posh Polish For Ladylike Nails

Petite Polish For French Nails

I love Indigo and Petite. These are really good polishes and Cheap too. 
Check out the Eyeko website here Enter my code to get a free gift when you spend over £15/€18/$20.

The code is E15431.

Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Great post, think I will have to check eyeko polish out especially the posh and coral.

    What programme do you use to put your pictures together?

  2. Hey Gemma,
    I use Picasa, Posh is lovely very similar to over the taupe by OPI just a bit darker.
    If you order don't for get to use the code to get a free gift.

    There is also a giveaway for those who find me on facebook and follow the blog. Once I hit 50 followers I will have the giveaway so tell you friends.

    Thanks for stopping by.