Thursday, November 24, 2011

Repurposed and looking to be rehomed

Hey guys, I did a clear out the other day and found some unloved shadows and pigments from various high end brands, that I had half used and then forgot about.

I was reading a post a while back of a girl who did the same and thought it was a great idea.

So basically I have frankenstiened them into new pigments. Don't they look pretty.

I thought why not sell sample baggies so everyone can try these pretty shades.

So here are the prices. Prices include worldwide shipping. all samples will come in baggies.
3 x 1/8 teaspoon samples €2.50
5 x 1/8 teaspoon samples €3.50
10 x 1/8 teaspoon samples €6.50
Full set (all 14 shades) 1/8 teaspoon baggies €7.50

3 x 1/4 teaspoon samples €3.50
5 x 1/4 teaspoon samples €4.50
10 x 1/4 teaspoon samples €8.50
Full set (all 14 shades) 1/4 teaspoon baggies €9.50
Brands used, MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Rimmel, Gosh, Bourgois, Barry M, Illamasqua, Bobby Brown, and more.

I decided to give them band names for fun.

From Left to right
Black Sabbath
Sister Hazel
Pink Floyd
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Indigo Girls
Blue Oyster Cult
Gold frapp
Cream had a spillage issue. lol.
Deep Purple
Deep Blue Something
White Zombie

So just let me know which ones you wanna try and include your email and I will send you a paypal invoice.
Thanks guys.


  1. Silverchair
    Black Sabbath
    Sister Hazel
    Deep Purple
    Deep Blue Something
    White Zombie
    Gold frapp
    white snake

    10 1/8tsp samples please. Could you send the invoice to cindz1222 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Thanks hun!