Saturday, November 05, 2011

Operation Etsy Company Review Eleven - Dr, K's Soap Company

Here my fine friends, is my most recent Etsy review company.

I am very proud to do this one as not only are the product excellent, the company is Irish like me.

This is one of my more expensive buys as the products are full size, but they are amazing.

My entire order cost me €26.30 and it is worth every penny.

You can check out their Etsy store here

Shipping was super fast and the products as you can see from the picture are very well presented.

From example the soaps wrapped simply in twine with a little tag would be perfect as a small christmas gift or stocking filler.

So on to what I got. Now I've had this stuff for a while as I wanted to try it all out first and as they are full size it has taken ages.

I got the Beeswax and Manuka Honey soap, Lavender Soap and Peppermint (more on this one later)
100% Natural whipped body butter in Citrus Bliss (smells amazing)
2x Clay facial masks in Chocolate dream
3x lipbalms in peppermint, vanilla and orange and cherry choc.

100% natural whipped body butter in Citrus Bliss.

This body butter is more on the solid side of what i'm used to but a little bit goes a long way.

Smells divine.

Clay Facial Mask in Chocolate Dream

Now what girl doesn't like chocolate even if it is on your face!

Mix the powder with Water, Olive oil, Yogurt which ever medium you prefer for your skin.
I used Organic Natural yogurt and it left my skin feeling super soft.

The soaps who pretty do these look.

I haven't used these all up completely yet which is understandable as they are massive. 
They are not drying which is fantastic.

Now as I said earlier here is the more info on the peppermint soap.
OMG this smells amazing, Like smelling an Aero Bar I almost didn't wanna use it,

But I caved one day and used it in the shower. My apartment smelt amazing afterwards as did I. lol it was a bit distracting as I smelt Aerobars everywhere that day.

Not a complaint though.

These leave the lips feeling nice and smooth and don't just sit on the surface as most balms do.

The only slight negative I have about these is that the cherry choc scent/taste wasn't for me but that is more of a preference thing. Not a fan of Cherry.

When I contacted the company to see if I could get a couple of items together they were very helpful and pleasant to email. Always a plus.

I definately recommend this company and with Christmas coming up what better way to show friends you care than but supporting small Irish companies.

For my non Irish followers, try 'em they're real good.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fantastic review Sarah, so glad you enjoyed the products!

    Kind regards,

    Dr K Soap Company

  2. Ahh... I just went and spent my savings!!!! Thanks for this missus, Great to be introduced to a new company!

  3. Wow I suddenly have a craving for Aerobars lol... These products look amazing.