Monday, November 07, 2011

Quick Up Do with and Unconventinal tool.

Ok I was at my Boyfriend's sisters 21st Birthday a few days again,

I found myself a few hours later, really warm and nothing to tie up my hair with.

I had curled it earlier and this is what it looked like approximately 5 or so hours later, I'm not sure.

There was a lot of drink!!

So back to the story, em where was I, Oh yeah...... Really Warm, No hair Tie......

Enter finger food.......

What did I see nestled in the dish beside some nommie cocktail sausages?


Yes, I am that strange! I put my hair up with cocktail sticks.

Here are some pics.

Sorry the picture isn't better, I was relying on a half drunk Simon to take it.


  1. Granted it took a good few of them but once its secure your good to go.

  2. Oh that is brilliant! That always happens to me on nights out, I remember one time pulling a little ribbon off my sock to tie my hair up :)