Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sharing: Tattoos

So you may have notices from some of my pics that I have tattoos, They really are a personal preference, I love them but that is just me.

If I had more money, I would have more.

I thought I would share anyhow, Sorry the pics are so blurry. hard to get good ones when I have hangover shakes.

This was my first ever tattoo so it's pretty faded, I was about 17 so ten years old.
I love reptile and amphibians.
This one is on my shoulder.
My mom drew this.

Not sure why I wanted a Dragonfly I just know that I did.
This one is on my right wrist.
Mom also drew this one.

Again I love frogs so this is the one that is on my neck.
This was a necklace pendant that I had.

This is a Fuschia flower, It was my grandmothers favourite flower.
This is on my hip.
Mom drew this one too.

Squee lives on my ankle, I love Jhonen Vasquez 
so it seemed only right to have one of his characters on me somewhere.

This pic is a little of centre I assure you its even.
The lizard in the centre was a design I found and my second tattoo.
Then about 2 years later I drew this design to go around it.
This is on my Lower back.

This as you can see is my foot, this is a backwards poem starting at the tail and ending in the dragons head.
The poem is the first four lines of William Blakes - Auguries of Innocence.

This one is my most recent one and I got him in NY a few years back on holidays.
He lives on my foot,
Trust me walking all over New York City after getting a tattoo done and then flying hone to Ireland 2 days later is not a good plan, My foot closely resembled a football.
Major Swellage.

So there they are.


  1. Wow! Some lovely ink there lady! Love that your mom drew some of the pics. My mom had a heart attack when I showed her my first (and only so far) tattoo. I don't think she would contribute to my love of the artwork...

  2. Believe me it took some convincing.

  3. Cool! Love all your tattoos! Thats awesome your mom drew some of them!

  4. Love your artwork. I have begged Bub to draw one of mine, but so far its a no go, lol. Hubs actually did one of mine though, so that was nice. My calf, shin, and foot are done (but not finished) I had it done on a Mon. then worked all week, had really bad results from that.

    I get lots of flack from people about mine, but they are all in very visible places. I only have a couple you can't see, lol. That doesn't stop me from wanting lots more.