Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Helping Where We Can - closed

Hi Guys,

I have a different kind of post for you today,

Most of you probably have heard of Luna over at Toxid Lotus and if you haven't you really must go check out her blog link below, just click on picture.

Well times are tough in the Toxid Lotus household, and after reading Lunas blogpost about their troubles, I wanted to help. I know how it can be when times are hard.

So enter lightbulb, One of the things I love about the Indie Community is it is just that a community.
Everyone is so nice, helpful and supportive for the most part, So here is how I want to help.

I have organised some vouchers from my own store Little Mouse Ears that I am going to raffle off, ALL the proceeds of which will be going to Luna.

I have sent up a paypal buy button which will hopefully with the help of Si be at the bottom of this post.

I made three different payment options so as to suit everyones pocket, times are tight especially after Christmas so give what you can.

So ticket prices:
$2.00 = one ticket
$5.00 = three tickets 
$10.00 = eight tickets.

When you buy your tickets I will email you your number(s)
 and the winners will be picked on the 24th of February 2012

So the Prizes are as follows:
First Prize: €25.00 Voucher to my store
Second Prize: €15.00 Voucher to my store
Third and Fourth Prize: €10.00 Vouchers to my store
And for the hell of it
Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Prizes: €5.00 Vouchers to my store
(Vouchers can be used for your entire order shipping included)

So there are Seven chances to win.

So join in and send Luna and her family your love.


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