Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nerd Laquer Review

So recently I bought some Nerd Laquer

I got the mini size as it is easier on shipping to me.

I bought 5, 4 for me and 1 for Jenn over at for her birthday.

They came in a super cute green box with a black ribbon which I am so made I didn't remember to take a picture of before I sent Jenns polish off in it. :( Sad Panda 

I was quickly cheered up however with the awesomeness of these polishes.

Data Squirel

Beggars Cannon

Just a Flesh Wound


This one was free and marked as #c
Turned out to be my fav along with just a flesh wound.

This is Just a flesh wound layered over OPI's Not Really A Waitress.
I also got this free cuteness.

Sorry the pics are a bit blurred.

These can be bought on their etsy store for $10.00 a bottle. 

They also last ages on your nails.

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