Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indie/Etsy Review Twenty - Evil Shades

So it's Evil Shades turn,

I ordered a load of stuff from 'em

They have so many different items so listing the prices would takes ages but they are very reasonable.

Here is what I got......

The Shadows

Not sure why I wrote Bleeding Heart here but it is Heartless Queen.

My favs? Ravishing Blush, Devilista Lipstick, Zombie Shadow.

There lips sticks are very easy to apply and feel good on, Shadows are blendy and the blushes are so pretty.

Would I recommend - Yes, Yes I would especially for Devilista.


  1. Love, Love, Love Evil Shades! So many great colors and products from Andrea. Thanks for all the swatches! One of my faves from ES is Skon blush.

  2. Purdy!! I've yet to order from her but she's definitely on my list. Nice swatches!