Friday, February 03, 2012

Indie/Etsy Review Seventeen - Black Rose Minerals

Samples are a Dollar
Full Sizes are $6.00

I got all samples, So I could try out loads of colours.

Shipping was reasonable and arrived quickly from order ready notice.

So on to the pictures.
Look at the Rose stamp so nice
Mess of Samples
Loads of stickers YAY for things

Coma Black, Styx and  Nightingale are my favs. When I have more money I'll be back for a wander.

Super Blendy

Would I recommend = Yes!


  1. wowww! these are lovely! Also those stickers are the cutest darn things, did you get them with the order????

  2. I did, such a nice added surprise.

  3. awww yesss, one of the reason I love indie brands, all the little personal touches :)