Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Indie/Etsy Review Twenty One - Detrivore Cosmetics Part Duex

My Latest Detrivore Order

I love this company their shadows are amazing.

Samples $1.00
Full Size $5.00
3 Sample vials of fragrance $6.00

Tarantula and Lewd

Love Tiberius

Here there are in there little stacker jars,

I love Liver Mortis, Mimicry and Topiary.

Detrivore is fast becoming one of my fave indie companies.


  1. I agree. Sooooo happy with Detrivore. What did you think of the fragrance? PS. Swatches of your products are coming, promise! I've gotten waaay behind so sorry for the delay. I haven't forgotten. :)

  2. I'm terrible and describing smells, 1 Tibirus I really like and Transylanian concubine the other one not as much.
    It's cool about the samples, take your time.