Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spending Ban Initiated.

Hey guys, So in the last few days I have made my credit card cry on many occasions, So I have decided I have a spending ban in place. 

I must use things I already have.

I have a few orders that I am waiting on so there will be reviews on them when they come but no more buying anything beauty related until the first of August or until I have used up 15 Products.

The only exceptions are if it is a necessity, eg Cotton pads or buds, other things I run out of that I absolutely have none of, not even a variant.

Upcoming reviews:
NYX cosmetics haul
2 Fortune Cookie Soaps hauls
Eos products
Sleek Chaos Palette
More Etsy Make up Companies 3 to be exact.
Harajuku Perfumes.
Opi Pirates of the Caribean Polishes (Thanks to Mom and Mike) They picked them up in the States for me.

So know buying Beauty products until I can show you guys 15 empties or it is the 1st of August.

I will note that on the instance that one of my frequented sites has a ridiculous sale there maybe and exception but only if it is an awesome sale. However I will try to stick as close to the rules as I can.

So let operation spending ban commence.

Will you guys partake?


  1. Good luck with the spending ban! x

  2. Thanks Lauren, Have you entered my giveaway

  3. No I hadn't but I've just entered, thanks! x

  4. I followed your blog. Love the gummy bear army

  5. Haha thanks! And thanks for following x