Tuesday, June 28, 2011

17 trios Swatches and such

I got these trios for my boyfriend's sister for Christmas. 

I was up in her house the other day and I caught a glimpse of them.

The quality is not bad colour pigmentation is ok.

Packaging is pretty sleek. Small and handy to bring out if you needed to do touch ups.

She used the black/silver/white one a lot at a fashion show she was doing. 

I would definately recommend a good primer though.

What are you thoughts on 17 products?


  1. I actually love 17 shadows, they're much more pigmented than I thought they would be!! I love that blue on the top and that black...I think I'm due a wander around Boots :)

  2. I was going through my stuff the other night and noticed that I have about 12 '17' eyeshadows and never realised that I had so many! They are fairly good, there's a gorgeous green and a few others are great too! They're a good price too!!

  3. Miss Green Eyes- I have to stay out of Boots at the mo, on a spending ban! Love the 17 shadows.

    Jacinta- I have a polish and a lipstick of theirs to which is pretty good. I had a hot pink shadow of theirs that I loved, that I killed accidentally by dropping it down the stairs. Going from one room at the end of the hall to another with and armful of make up and hair drying and styling equipment whilst trying to hold a towel around my body and on my head does not bode well for poor little single shadow pots. lol.