Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sleek iDivine Palette in Storm

Hey guys so if you follow me on twitter you'll have heard me harp on about how I ordered this.

I am a bit late to jump on the Sleek train but I am glad that I have. 

These palettes are great especially for the price.

You can get them on the Sleek Website for €8.50 and €9.00 shipping, the shipping is a bit high but being honest it still works out to be great value. 

There are 12 very pigmented shadows all at 1.1gms each or 0.03oz

They have a few other palettes to which would be worth checking out too.

I went with Storm as I am more into neutrals at the moment.

On to the pictures there are many.

These are some comparisons to Urban Decay shadows I have.
The Urban Decay shadows are on the left

UD Perversion vs Sleek Black Colour
UD Last Call vs Sleek Raspberry Colour
UD Bordello vs Sleek Pale Pink Colour
UD Mawi Wowie vs Sleek Pale Gold Colour
UD Loaded vs Sleek Forest Green Colour

Here is a quick look I created using this palette.

What are your thoughts on Sleek would you pick up a palette?


  1. Did you see this blog post? Sleek available in Ireland from monday!!! Happy Days!!

  2. I hadn't but thank you! So excited must be checking out the beautyemporium lol.

    It is such a lovely palette! Have you tried any of there stuff?