Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Hair Again

So funny story, As I needed to dye my hair again, I got a sort of redy brown dye similar to the previous dye colour.

Put the Colour in and got chatting to my mom totally forgeting the colour was well still dying my hair. 

After like an hour when I realised the colour was still in my hair.

I proceeded to was out the colour and trying to not destroy the bathroom in Blackberry coloured spots.

Basically long story short my hair came out almost Black.

I actually kind of liked it but I was very glad it was a semi permenant dye because it has been washed a few times now and is quite a bit lighter.

Here is a picture of the new colour and the previous one.

Left newest colour, Right previous one.
Also the right one has panels of blonde that I didn't bother doing on the newer one purely out of laziness.

What is your experience with home dyes?

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