Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Operation Etsy Company Review Six: Hot Mama Minerals

Another review for you guys,

This one is for  Hot Mama Minerals

They came in this little organza bag, In these little baggies with yellow dots with their names one them, There is a good amount of product in these which surprised me.

3gms jars are $3.95 each which is good, and shipping is $4.00 to Ireland, a little on the pricer side but the quality HOLY CRAP.Just see for yourself.

Bare                                                     Primer
Hot Mama - pink
Sterling - Silver
Twilight - Green
Black Orchid - Dark purply awesomeness

Black Orchid - Is this not just awesome.

Bare                                           Primer
Dragonfly - Greeny Gold
Lets Go- Purple
Zombie - Orange

Bare          Primer
Truffle - Brown
Blue Sapphire- Blue
Mercy - Reddish brown 

How awesome is this shimmer it is pinky, bluey. So pretty.

Lets Go, Hot Mama and Black Orchid = gorgeous as liner. Wet they are amazing.

So Glad I got These. So worth a look.

Disclaimer: I bought these myself and I'm glad I did, This is my honest opinion.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Let's Go and Zombie are fabulous! Great review.

  2. Thank you,
    Black Orchid is just so pretty, I actually keep these ones in my small train case in the bathroom.

  3. its says here store isn't available anymore :( did she change her store name?