Saturday, January 07, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Christian Kane

Name: Christian Kane
Height: 5'10"
Date of Birth:  27/06/1974
From: Dallas, Texas
Show(s): Leverage Dawsons Creek Angel
Most recent character: Elliot Spencer (Leverage)
Type: Kick Ass Skamp
Personal Hot-o-meter: 7/10

He gets a 7 for his kick assy ness in Leverage, Kicking ass and taking names.
Although I'd love to get at him with a scissors, his hair being to long for my liking.
Anyone remember him from Angel. God I loved that show. One of these days I may go back and re watch it.

Ready for the Christian Kane Spam.
Butter wouldn't melt.

On stage with the Band Kane I reckon

mmmmmmm yes.

ooh stern face, some ones about to get a whopping.

Ah yes the angel days. NOM

Not sure where this is from but mmmmmmm yes.

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