Sunday, January 15, 2012

NTMS - Green with Envy

Before I show you guys some pictures I first must apologise, I felt like death warmed up while I was doing this, but was so bored  I had to do something.

There is no full face pic as my face looks horrible especially my nose, Can we say Rudolph yes we can.

Anyway here is my crack at this weeks Never Too Much Sparkle challange.

I used some of my new goodies which I'm loving.

P.s Doing a challange with Loose Pigments and Flu not a good plan, One sneeze and its Detrivores Plague all over the place!!!

Anyway on to the pics, As always products listed below.

Evil Shades Primer in Padawan
Nyx Jumbo  Pencil in Milk
Rock A Betty Quarantine
Venomous Cosmetics Irish Countryside (Couldn't resist being Irish an all)
Detrivore Cosmetics Plague
Rimmell Eyeliner in Jungle Green
Tarte Aqualiner Black
Bourgois Volumizer Mascara

Eyeko Rasberry Fat Balm
Rimmell Pencil Jungle Green
Tarte Aqualiner in Black
Rock A Betty Quarantine
Venomous Cosmetics Irish Countryside
Detrivore Cosmetics Plague

It turned out ok, If I was well I probably would have had another crack at it.



  1. Love this! Very creative! The lips are awesome!

  2. hey its so creative..more than i'd do if i had the flu lol. Reminds me of a glamorous Poison Ivy!