Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spotlight Saturday: Simon Baker

Name: Simon Baker
Height: 5'10"
Date of Birth: 30/07/1969
From: Tasmania, Austraila.
Show(s): The Mentalist, The Guardian
Movie(s): Something New The Devil Wears Prada
Most recent character: Patrick Jane (Mentalist)
Type: Loveable Skamp (Messer)
Personal Hot-o-meter: 6/10

Though he is attractive, he isn't really my type. I love his character in the Mentalist, I love how he winds up Lisbon and runs off all the time. He seems to always figure the cases out right at the beginning but never reveals the killer until the very end in a big charade. FUN!

Now for some Simon Baker Spam:

Casual Shot.

Not sure where this came from but .....em.....yes.

Lazing around

Looking good in a suit.

Cheesy Smile!

As Patrick Jane with RED JOHN's handy work in the backround.

So there it is, the first installment of Spotlight Saturday what do you all think.

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  1. Nice, not really my type either, but picture number two made it all worth while. Here's a hottie worth notice...David Boreanaz.

  2. Ah well, If I found him under my Christmas tree I wouldn't complain :) But I second Jenna's comment

  3. Love his character on The Mentalist & I'd bump his rating to 7.

  4. I love your personalty in The Mentalist

    your Crunt fan
    R () /\/\ E ()

  5. I read or heard that Patrick Jain, AKA Simon Baker is atheist. Is this in the film or is this true or false?