Monday, December 05, 2011

Guess The Product: 1

Hey guys, I've decided to do a guess the product style thing,

Basically, I will put in a picture, tell you the Brand and see who gets it.
I am going to do a little point system.

Don't put the answer below
Email it to me. here First person to get it right gets the points.
Each Post will have different values.

Sometimes it will be a look and you will have to guess the shadows.
Sometimes it could be a polish but I will always tell you the brand.

Points work as follows: 
2 Points = a Pair of my earrings handmade to order.
5 Points = A Sleek Blush, Pout Paint or Pout Polish of your Choice
8 Points = A MAC Eyeshadow Pro Pan of your choice
10 Points = Sleek iDivine Palette of your choice
15 Points = A MAC Lipstick of your choice.

Points can be redeemed at any time. 

So here is the first post.

This is an Urban Decay 24/7 Liner. For 1 Point who can tell me which one?
Email your answers to
Closing Date: 12/12/11