Monday, December 05, 2011

Random Babble and Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey guys,

With everything being as hectic as it has been as of late, I have been fully utilising the scheduling function of Blogger, i.e writing a bunch of posts one evening and scheduling them.

It has made posting much easier as when I get new things to review I take pictures right away, Because I have no patience and I want to stick my fingers in them and play.

But when I don't post everyday this can lead to a extremely full camera and phone memory.

It also cuts out the very random babble, I like to have occasionally.

So guys everyone really for christmas, even as I am writing this I can hear the world say pfft. Nobody in this current economic climate is ready for christmas, Even if you don't buy presents,

There is still xmas food and goodies, not to mention some wine etc.

I have a few little xmas ideas that won't break the bank.

1. Make something, Nothing is nicer than the personal touch of a homemade gift, a scarf, a teacosy, anything you can make. go for it.

2. Bake something, If ya'll are like me you like sweet things as most people do. Make some cupcakes or cookies, wrap them in some cellophane and put a nice bow on them. Sorted.

3. Buy a book, nothing is nicer than sitting down in front of a cosy fire with a good book.

4. A nice mug with some fancy coffee or hot chocolate, the kind the person likes.

5. pajamas, every girls like a new pair of pajamas.

6. A bottle of wine.

7. Or of times are really hard, Maybe just a nice christmas card, with a nice message, just saying you care.

Happy Monday Everyone.

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