Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Review, Teapigs Tea and Giveaway

Hey Guys, 

I ordered the Piglet Cheeky from Teapigs ->here

Which is 12 Sample packs of different teas (2 Tea temples of Each)

They are as follows:

Mao Feng Green Tea, This is a really strong green tea, if you like green tea you'll love this, it was just a bit strong for me.

Lemon and Ginger, This has a mild lemon taste, it was a little boring but is a nice refreshing drink.

Chai Tea, This one wasn't for me it is nice but I couldn't drink it all the time but the smell, my god the smell is amazing. Smell like indian food and Christmas, all cinnamon and cardamon. Yum!

Popcorn Tea, Yes! Popcorn although it tastes more like green tea with rice krispies in it, It is nice though.

Chocolate Flake Tea, This one is lovely strong black tea with a coco undertone, nice to drink.

Peppermint Leaves, This is so refreshing especially after a heavy dinner.

Licorice and peppermint, I wasn't brave to try this one, Will have to brave it.

Organic Rooibos, This is a really nice tea, I prefer this one with Milk instead of black but very nice.

Camomile Tea, I didn't like this one, But I don't like Camomile in general, My Mom loved this one, Said it tasted like Apple Charlotte.

Super Fruit, Again I don't like Fruit teas, This one was ok, it tastes like stewed cranberries and blueberries.

Darjeeling Earl Gray, This was a lovely earl gray, Really easy to drink.

English Breakfast, Really good quality black tea.

I also bought a sample pack of two others to try.

Creme Caramel Tea, This is lovely strong black to with an under current of caramel, sweet but not too sweet. I really like this one.

Jasmine Pearls, I love love love this one, Best Jasmine Tea I have ever tasted. It is gorgeous! 

I like that you can get the sample packs to try so you don't have a load of full packets of tea you don't really like. Sample packs are perfect.

They also come in 50g Loose tins and 15 Temple bags.

I am totally going to order a full packet of Jasmine Pearls and Creme Caramel.

As Part of Mayhem I am going to giveaway 1 Tea Temple to three people, You get to choose from the following:
English Breakfast
Organic Rooibos
Popcorn Tea
Licorice and Peppermint
Chai Tea
Camomile Tea
Lemon and Ginger
Super Fruit
and Mao Feng Green Tea

Winners will be announced at the end of the month with all other giveaways in Mayhem, These will be chosen seperately so you may win a tea and a make up item!!! 

Happy Drinking!!!

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