Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Elf Cosmetics Haul.

Hey lovelies, I got some Elf goodies lately so here they are and my thought on them.

I got a Studio Cream eye liner in Black, I am going to compare this with the Inglot Gel liner and Mac Blacktrak.

Studio Tinted Lip Balm in Mellow Melon.
The tinted lip balm is massive look at the difference between it and the cream liner.

Smells like Cocoa Butter, Lip Sun tan lotion.
This is it swatched on my hand and my lips.

Eye Brightening Eye liner in Black
Eye Widener in Pearl White

I really like the pearl white it is like a slim pearl version of NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk.

Essentials Radiance Blusher in Innocence.
This might be a little pale for my skin type.
Having said that I love the radiance blushers.

More Essentials Quads I love these.
I got Luxe, Day 2 Night and Rocker.
Day 2 Night is my fav of these 3 quads. But I love them all.

Studio Lip Stains.
Top: Fashionista
Bottom: Red Carpet

Fashionista with and without a flash 

Red Carpet With and without a flash

I like these too, However if your lips are anyway rough or chapped and you wanna wear this on a night out,
I would spend the whole day piling on the Conditioning Lip Balm. 

I got 5 of the All over cover sticks.
I had Pink Lemonade in the Facial Whip so that is why I didn't get that one.
Top Right Image (Left to Right) Toasted, Lilac Petal, Golden Peach, Spotlight and Persimmon.

Swatched on my arm (Left to Right) Lilac Petal, Golden Peach, Spotlight, Persimmon, Toasted.

I like this best when I am not wearing foundation.
I use Toasted on my Temples, Top of Forehead and to Contour my cheeks.
Persimmon as my Blush colour.
Spotlight as the Highlight. 

The essentials line is $1/£1.50/€1.70
Studio Line is $3/£3.50/€4 
Some Items are a bit more but mostly these prices are correct.


  1. Nice haul. I feel like I've not bought anything from elf for ages.

  2. Nice haul! I have the Persimmon and Pink Lemonade All Over Colour Sticks and I really like them :) xx

  3. Nice haul! I'm getting ready to put mine up today too, so many fun products.

  4. Thanks guys, I love the ELF stuff they feature heavily in my FOTD's.