Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Cat Cyril. "Vampire Cat"

I found this while trawling through my laptops hard drive.
This is a year and a half ago so Cyril is quite a bit bigger now.

I will pop pictures of him up every so often. 

I had it posted with the following little story below it. Made me giggle to see it again.

Cyril " ....and we shall stalk through the Parsley forest and over the worm, and I will get my vengeance on that leaf I saw there a minute ago, Do I smell wheelies? Where is my human? She has wheelies I can smell them, oh! a bee......." 21/09/09

Just thought I'd share his cuteness.


  1. Thanks, I figured that he is so full of character that he deserves his own section.

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