Monday, June 11, 2012

Indie Review: Chinovi Cosmetics

So I got an order from Chinovi recently and I have its swatches today and let me say they are awesome.

They a creamy to apply and are super pigmented.

You can check them out here

Pricing: Sample Baggies $1
Clamshells $1.25
5gm Jar no Sifter $4.75
5gm jar with sifter $5.00

Shipping was reasonable and fast.

On to the swatches.

I had to buy Ireland ya know 'cos. lol
Marque, Sauced and Pow are my favs. 

Gonna press them into my everyday palette so I can use them whenever I want.

Go check 'em out now. Right now. NAO! 

Lol Just kidding but do check them out.