Friday, June 01, 2012

Clothes Haul

So a recent clothes Haul,

I recently split up with my Boyfriend of almost 6 years, So I decided to Purge the hell out of my shoes and clothes and pretty much through everything out.

So I then had to buy more clothes, here is what I got as you can probably tell I love checked shirts.

Black button top - Penneys €5
White and Blue Stripped Top = Penneys €5
Short Sleeved Pink and Baby Blue Shirt - Penneys €5
Red and Grey Shirt - Dunnes €12
Red and Black Shirt - Dunnes €12
Red and Red SHirt  - Dunnes €12
Cream Cardi - New Look €10
Black Cardi - New Look €10

Jeans - Awear €25
White Capri's - Penneys €4
Grey Capri's - Penneys €4

Breige/Cream Dress - Penneys €9
Blue and Gold Dress - New Look €33

Tan Slip ons - Penneys €15
Black leather and Gold Studded shoes - River Island €60 eep


  1. Hi! I love your dress from new look! I bought one just like that when I was in Rome a few days ago just in another colour. I really love it! I'm just bummed because I can't get then in Sweden... :-( And their website (apricot) don't ship to Sweden... :-\
    Love Jessie

  2. Great haul! I love the Blue and Gold dress :)