Thursday, August 04, 2011

Zaramama Popcorn in all its Glory

Hey guys, So if you follow me on twitter you will have seen me go on about Zaramama Popcorn.

This popcorn is amazing, If you are not scared of making popcorn in a pot then this is the popcorn for you.

It comes in 12 different flavours.

You can check out there website here

I got the 6 bag gift box which was £6.35 ex shipping.

I got the gift box because I was unsure if i'd like it. 

Let me just say I love this popcorn.

Here are some pictures.

6 bag gift box

Sample of their seasonings (White Cheddar and Maple Syrup)

Eventually I was brave enough to try these, The cheddar one isn't for me. But the maple syrup one gives the popcorn and interesting sweetness, especially if you are like me and you dump a bag of Cadburys Chocolate Buttons in on top.

Blue Seas
Fiery Amber 
Baby White Rice
Rich Ruby Red
Golden Butter
Autumn Haze.

I love all but one of these. Fiery Amber is undoubtedly my fav it tastes buttery without having to put butter on it, Perfect for the waistline.

My next fav it Golden Butter.

Rich Ruby Red has a slight nutty taste to it with changes up the dynamic of the regular popcorn experience.

My least fav was Blue Seas, Si and Myself has "tested" these extensively and we both agree this is our least fav, However my mom likes this one, So it is all about preference.

I have another order placed so more on the popcorn soon.

All in all I love this popcorn and it has become my staple snack in the house.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Let me know if you'd like more posts like this.


  1. I love popcorn, must try this! Thanks for the review! :)

  2. Me too, obsessed with it now. lol. Worse things to be obsessed with I suppose,